What We're Reading Now

Below is a selection of the readings our faculty and graduate students are engaging with this semester. Each semester, Rice Anthropology faculty members and graduate students compile a new list of a few of the books and articles influencing their research and thinking at the moment. We hope this feature will allow new opportunities for collaboration, as well as give a glimpse into the exciting and diverse conversations happening within the department, both in and outside the classroom.

If you would like to see previous semesters of what we were reading, visit the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 pages.

Fall 2016

Alaimo, Stacy. 2016. Exposed: Environmental Politics and Pleasures in Posthuman Times.

Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Andaya, Elise and Joanna Mishtal. 2016. “The Erosion of Rights to Abortion Care in

the United States: A Call for a Renewed Anthropological Engagement with the  Politics of Abortion.”

Medical Anthropology Quarterly.

Archambault, Julie Soleil. 2016. "Taking Love Seriously in Human-Plant Relations in

Mozambique: Toward an Anthropology of Affective Encounters." Cultural

Anthropology 31(2): 244–271.

Arendt, Hannah and Jerome Kohn. 1994. Essays in Understanding, 1930-1954: Formation,

Exile, and Totalitarianism. New York: Schocken Books.

Asberg, Cecilia, Kathrin Thiele, and Iris van der Tuin. 2015. “Speculative before the

Turn: Reintroducing Feminist Materialist Performativity.” Cultural Studies

Review 21: 145-172.

Baumbach, Nico, Damon R. Young, and Genevieve Yue. 2016. "Introduction: For a

Political Critique of Culture." Social Text 127(34): 1-20.

Banner, Michael. 2014. The Ethics of Everyday Life: Moral Theology, Social Anthropology, and

the Imagination of the Human. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Burnet, Graeme Macrae. 2015. His Bloody Project: Documents Relating to the Case of

Roderick Macrae. Glasgow: Contraband.

Colebrook, Claire. 2012. “Sexual Indifference” in Telemorphosis: Theory in the Era

of Climate Change Vol. 1, edited by Tom Cohen. Ann Arbor: Open Humanities Press.

Crawford, Cassandra S. 2014. Phantom Limb: Amputation, Embodiment, and

Prosthetic Technology. New York: New York University Press.

Escobar, Arturo. 1999. “After Nature: Steps to an Antiessentialist Political Ecology.”

Current Anthropology 40 (1): 1–30.

Fanon, Frantz. 1967 [1952]. Black Skin, White Masks. New York, Grove Press.

Gledhill, John. 2014. "Indigenous Autonomy, Delinquent States, and the Limits of

Resistance." History and Anthropology 25(4): 507-529.

Grusin, Richard. 2015. “Radical Mediation.” Critical Inquiry 42 (1): 124-48.

Halbwachs, Maurice. [1925] 1992. On Collective Memory. Chicago:

University of Chicago Press.

James, C. L. R. 1953. Mariners, Renegades, and Castaways; the Story of Herman Melville and

the World We Live In. New York: C.L.R. James.

Le Guin, Ursula K. 1987. Buffalo Gals and Other Animal Presences.

Santa Barbara: Capra Press.

Massumi, Brian. 2015. Ontopower: War, Powers, and the State of Perception. Durham: Duke

University Press.

Messeri, Lisa. 2016. Placing Outer Space: An Earthly Ethnography of Other Worlds. Durham:

Duke University Press.

Million, Dian. 2013. Therapeutic Nations: Healing in an Age of Indigenous Human Rights.

Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Nading, Alex. 2016. "Local Biologies, Leaky Things, and the Chemical Infrastructure

of Global Health." Medical Anthropology.

Norgaard, Kari Marie. 2011. Living in Denial: Climate Change, Emotions, and

Everyday Life. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Parks, Lisa D. and Nicole Starosielski, eds. 2015. Signal Traffic: Critical Studies of Media

Infrastructures. Urbana: University of Illinois Press.

Pickering, Andrew. 2004. "The Science of the Unknowable: Stanford Beer's

Cybernetic Informatics." Kybernetes 35(3/4): 499-521.

Pickering, Andrew. 2013."Cybernetics and the Politics of the Dark Universe" in The

Dark Universe, edited by Arie Altena, pp. 90-10. Amsterdam, Sonic Acts Press.

Povinelli, Elizabeth A. 2016. Geontologies: A Requiem to Late Liberalism.

Durham: Duke University Press.

Riles, Annelise. 2004. "Real Time: Unwinding Technocratic and Anthropological

Knowledge." American Ethnologist : the Journal of the American Ethnological Society

31(3): 392–405.

Ross, Kristin. 2015. Communal Luxury: The Political Imaginary of the Paris Commune.

London: Verso.

Roy, Deboleena. 2016. "Neuroscience and Feminist Theory: A New Directions

Essay." Signs 41(3).

Sanabria, Emilia. 2016. Plastic Bodies: Sex Hormones and Menstrual Suppression in Brazil.

Durham: Duke University Press.

Shapiro, Michael J. 2005. "Every Move You Make: Bodies, Surveillance, and Media."

Social Text 83 (23): 21-34.

Silbey, Susan S. 2005. "After Legal Consciousness." Annual Review of Law and Social

Science 1: 323-68.

Srinivasan, Ramesh. 2006. "Indigenous, Ethnic and Cultural Articulations of New Media."

International Journal of Cultural Studies December 9: 497-518

Srnicek, Nick, and Alex Williams. 2015. Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World

without Work. London: Verso.

Stengers, Isabelle. 2005. “Introductory Notes on an Ecology of Practices.” Cultural

Studies Review 11(1): 183-196.

Stevens, Wallace. 1990. The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens.

New York: Vintage Books.

Strmiska, Michael. 2007. "Putting the Blood Back into Blót: The Revival of Animal

Sacrifice in Modern Nordic Paganism." Pomegranate: The International Journal of

Pagan Studies 9(2): 154-189.

Williams, R. John. 2016. "World Futures." Critical Inquiry. 42(3): 473-546.