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Quicktake Camera
Yama Traoré and her family react to seeing a Quicktake photo of Yama minutes after it was taken. This is their first encounter with digital photo technology.
David and Annick in a pirogue, the sewn plank canoe used by the fishing peoples of the Middle Niger.
Almamy Traoré
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 Tatta and Djenaba Discovery of Mud Brick Wall
The discovery of this mud brick foundation of a round house was a surprise in this unit. The city wall we had hoped to find extending down a meter or more turned out to consist of a single row of foundation bricks, two of which can be seen below the stake in the upper right hand corner of the photo.
 Project Team
Mali Interactive Project team members.
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Pot Making
Nyamoye Sounkono, a potter in Jenné, adds a rope of clay to make a base for a small bowl used for washing hands.
Pot Firing
Potters are removing newly-fired pots and bricks. Jenné is in the background, and you can see from the stacks of bricks how much clay people remove from the floodplain. That's a major reason that mounds like Jenné and Jenné-jeno get larger and higher.
David Meets with Ambassador
David has an opportunity to talk with the U.S. Ambassador to Mali, Dr. David Rawson. 
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David Adjusts Satellite
David adjusts the dish of the satellite telephone transmitter/receiver, which is on the roof of our house and pointed at a communications satellite circling the earth at the Equator.
Kitchen in Mali
Yama's kitchen is a small, windowless room with several wood fires burning. Here, Nana (Yama's helper) prepares our dinner.
Excavation photo
We took advantage of a huge ravine created by erosion to clean up a section through the archaeological deposits and to study the stratigraphy for clues as to how and when the mound was formed.

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