Major in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology

Complete a total of 30 semester hours of approved courses (10 hours), at least 24 of which should be anthropology courses and at least 18 hours of which should be taken at the 300 level or above.

Pass 2 of the following 4 introductory courses:
ANTH 200 Introduction to the Scientific Study of Language
ANTH 201 Introduction to Social-Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 203 Human Antiquity
ANTH 205 Introduction to Archaeology

Pass any 3 of the following courses in Archaeological Studies:
ANTH 210 Anthropology of Death
ANTH 312 African Prehistory
ANTH 345 Politics of the Past
ANTH 362 Archaeological Field Techniques
ANTH 355 Landscape Archaeology
ANTH 442 Museums: Theory and Practice
ANTH 456 Heritage Management
ANTH 458 Human Osteology

Pass the research course:
ANTH 562 Archaeological Field Techniques
ANTH 490 and 491 Directed Honors Research

With the approval of the undergraduate advisor, students may substitute for departmental courses at most 6 hours of courses from outside the major that are related to their plan of study. The department recommends that students intending to pursue graduate study acquire a reading knowledge of one or two European languages.


M.A. in Archaeological Field Techniques and Laboratory Analysis

This degree program is aimed specifically at individuals who plan to do fieldwork in an African setting. The curriculum is designed to impart competence in all the elements of archaeological fieldwork, including the design of field research programs, excavation and survey techniques, laboratory analysis, database development and archiving, and curation of archaeological materials. The program stresses an anthropological approach to the investigation of the past, which will be new for African students, who study archaeology as a branch of history. A special feature is an emphasis on cultural property and heritage management issues.

Requirements for the M.A.:

30 credit hours of approved coursework (must include Anth 562, 656, 443, and 800 as indicated, plus at least one other course at the 500 level or above, 1 of the 3 special papers required for the Ph.D., and a thesis.


(30 credit hours plus M.A. Thesis Research and writing)

At least six courses MUST be drawn from the following:
Anth 201 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Anth 203 Human Antiquity
Anth 205 Introduction to Archaeology
Anth 210 Anthropology of Death
Anth 512 African Prehistory
Anth 545 The Politics of the Past
Anth 555 Landscape Archaeology
Anth 625 Advanced topics in archaeology (laboratory analysis, database development)
Anth 642 Museums: Theory and Practice
Anth 656 Heritage Management
Anth 658 Human Osteology
Anth 660 Advanced Archaeological Theory
Soci 398 Social Statistics

In addition, the following courses are required (9 semester hours):
Anth 562 Archaeological Field Techniques
Anth 656 Cultural Heritage and Resource Management
Anth 443 Archaeological Research design

M.A. Thesis Research and writing

Anth 800 (variable credit)

Additional requirements:

Summer excavation experience

Ph.D. in Anthropology with a specialization in Archaeology

The Ph.D. in Anthropology with a specialization in Archaeology emphasizes research skills in the library, field, and laboratory - making use of the excellent laboratory and computer facilities at Rice. These skills will be tested by means of three research papers, at least one of which must be an original data paper. In addition to research on the dissertation topic, all students are encouraged to develop at least one analytical skill, such as remote sensing, osteology, GIS, geomorphology.

For more information, please contact:

Susan McIntosh
Professor of Anthropology
office: 576 Sewall Hall
phone: 713-348-3380

Jeff Fleisher
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
office: 582 Sewall Hall
phone: 713-348-3482