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Casper 'Cap' Bendixsen

Graduate Student
Curriculum Vitae
Email: cb2@rice.edu

 My research is focused on American rodeo and its performance and place in the contemporary American West as well as a globalized spectacle. I am also concerned with the representation of the American West on national and international stages, as well as the relationship between the lived West and the imagined West. As a rodeo athlete with both college and professional experience, I am especially interested in the experiences of cowboys and cowboy athletes as related to these ideas.

 I am also interested in discussions and topics related to the ethnographic method and the ethnography as literature. In my research specifically I attempt an interdisciplinary mode of research and writing that also examines the imaginary American West found in modern American Literature and “the Western” as a genre.

 In the fall of 2009 I was part of an exhibition tour of professional rodeo in Europe. I was both athlete and researcher while on the tour. I am currently in residence at Rice University.