Andrea Ballestero S.

Legal and political anthropology; science and technology studies; political economy; anthropology of quantification; materiality; the subterranean; value; nature and ontology.

Dominic Boyer

Renewable energy and energopolitics; media; knowledge; digital information and epistemology; experts, professionalism, and cultures of expertise; intellectuals and identitarian movements; the politics of affect and belonging; late, post, and neosocialism.

James D. Faubion

Anthropology of self-formation and ethics; anthropological research design; the work of Michel Foucault; the prevailing epistemological figures of anthropological thought; the more general sociocultural ecology of social and cultural thought; the theorization of kinship; religious ideation and practice; anthropology of literature; anthropology of temporality; ancient and modern Greece.

Jeffrey Fleisher

Old World archaeology; African archaeology and ethnography; political economy; landscape and regional archaeology; household studies; ceramics; urban space; materiality of ritual; social memory.


Eugenia Georges


Medical anthropology; politics of reproduction; cultural study of pregnancy, childbirth, and new reproductive technologies; social movements to demedicalize maternity care; transnational migration, gender and development.  Greece; Brazil, Dominican Republic.


Cymene Howe

Environment, ecology, and energy; ontologies, vitalities and neomaterialisms; activism and human rights; gender and sexuality; Latin America (Mexico, Nicaragua); the Arctic (Iceland); United States. 

Susan McIntosh

Origins of complex societies; West African Iron Age archaeology, with particular emphasis on the interior floodplains of the Senegal and Niger rivers; ceramic analysis; human osteology; cultural property, heritage, and sociopolitics

Zoë Wool

Medical anthropology; queer theory; anthropologies of life and death; injury, illness, and disability; personhood and the body; the necropolitics of care; STS; violence; war; intimacy; precarity; ordinary ethics; soldiers and military families; United States.


August (Gus) Costa

Archaeology and Earth Science Education, Geoarchaeology and Quaternary Science, Human Evolution and Prehistory, Paleolithic archaeology, Vertebrate paleontology, flintknapping, perishable and bone technologies, taphonomy, provenance studies, hominid dispersals, modern human origins, geometric morphometrics, computer applications in archaeology, India, Italy, Spain, Africa, Texas.  

Arthur Mason

Energy and environmental policy; Petro-industry information firms; Elite premium network spaces; Extractive and restructuring industries; Hydrocarbon aesthetics; Arctic (US, Canada, Norway, Russia)  



Beverly Mitchell

Medical anthropology; gender, health and body modifications; race and ethnicity; human rights and social justice; immigration and health; the intersection of academia and activism