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Andrea Ballestero S.Andrea Ballestero S., Assistant Professor
RESEARCH INTERESTS:   Legal and political anthropology, science and technology studies, political economy, materiality, human rights, liberalism, nature and ontology.
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Dominic BoyerDominic Boyer, Professor and Director CENHS (Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences)
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Media knowledge digital information and epistemology experts, professionalism and cultures of expertise intellectuals and identitarian movements the politics of affect and belonging renewable energy and energopolitics late , post and neo socialism
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James D. FaubionJames D. Faubion, Professor
RESEARCH INTERESTS: The anthropology of self-formation and ethics; anthropological research design; the work of Michel Foucault; the prevailing epistemological figures of anthropological thought; the more general sociocultural ecology of social and cultural thought; the theorization of kinship; religious ideation and practice; the anthropology of literature; ancient and modern Greece.
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Jeffrey FleisherJeffrey Fleisher, Associate Professor
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Old World archaeology; African archaeology and ethnography; political economy; landscape and regional archaeology; household studies; ceramics; urban space; materiality of ritual; social memory. 
CONTACT:  Sewall Hall 582  |  713-348-3482  |  e-mail  |  profile


Eugenia GeorgesEugenia Georges, Professor and Chair
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Medical anthropology; cultural study of reproduction and new reproductive technologies; medicalization of the life cycle; relationships among social class, ethnicity, and disease; labor migration and economic development; sustainable energy; Greece; Dominican Republic; Lesotho.
CONTACT:  Sewall Hall 574  |  713-348-3390  |  e-mail  |  profile


Cymene HoweCymene Howe, Associate Professor
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Social movements, activism and human rights; gender and sexuality; media and knowledge production; environmental ethics and the politics of energy transition; climate change mitigation; Nicaragua; Mexico; United States.
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Susan McIntoshSusan McIntosh, Professor
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Origins of complex societies; West African Iron Age archaeology; ceramic analysis; human osteology; cultural property and heritage preservation issues; societies on the semi-arid mid-sections of two of West Africa's major rivers: the Senegal and the Niger. 
CONTACT:  Sewall Hall 576  |  713-348-3380  |  e-mail  |  profile


Beverly Mitchell, Lecturer, Undergraduate Advisor
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Medical anthropology; gender, health and body modifications; race and ethnicity; human rights and social justice; immigration and health; the intersection of academia and activism
CONTACT:  Sewall Hall 566  |  713-348-3117  |  e-mail


Professor RyangSonia Ryang, Professor
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Ryang currently holds a National Science Foundation grant researching North Korea and anthropology of totalitarianism. This project attempts practicing anthropological research in a society where a researcher is prohibited from conducting ethnographic fieldwork. By revisiting the American cultural anthropological tradition of Study of Culture at a Distance, mostly practiced during the height of the Cold War, Ryang is exploring a mixed-method approach to study a closed society (North Korea, in this case) by deploying anthropological logic.
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Joanne Carpenter, Office Assistant
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Altha Rodgers, Department Administrator
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