Magnús Örn Sigurðsson

Areas of Interest: 
Climate change mitigation, technocracy, renewable energy, policy, ethics, Iceland, Scandinavia, and supranational governance (UNFCCC)

I am fundamentally interested in the delayed and insufficient human response to climate change. With a background in Comparative Literature (B.A.) and Environment and Natural Resources (M.A.) I have done research on representations of climate change in both fictional texts, and political, corporate and non-profit discourse. My current research concerns the techno-bureaucratic practices of climate governance on the supranational level (UNFCCC). More specifically, I study the expert work on data analysis and low-emission strategies underpinning the politically and morally neutral support that the staff of the UNFCCC secretariat aims to offer the national delegations in implementing the global climate agreements on a local level.

Expanding on my academic interests in the way that knowledge on climate change is translated between different sectors and disciplines, I have had the privilege of working on a research project in Iceland dedicated to bettering the mediation of scientific knowledge on climate change to the public. This has been accomplished through the organization of public lectures and providing documentary filmmakers with exclusive interviews with climate scientists ( As a Ph.D. student in the anthropology department at Rice University, I am supported by the Fulbright Association of Iceland.
Magnús Örn Sigurðsson
Graduate Student