Yifan Wang 王一凡

Areas of Interest: 
politics of aging, reproduction, hygiene, retirement and work, gender and sexuality, space and sound, China

I am a first year PhD student in Anthropology at Rice University. My research primarily concerns the politics of aging as an approach of examine the ever so broad notion of life, life as opposed to both work and death. By emphasizing the politics, I am especially interested in exploring what makes possible the mobilization of the elderly as a category, a population, and a metaphor in policy making, scholarly research, and social discourse.

The current research interest stemmed from my thesis research, with which I obtained an MA in Humanities from Duke University. I looked into the public dance craze in China known as guangchangwu (literally “square-dancing”) among middle-aged women. Before coming to the US, I earned my BA in Journalism from Nanjing University in China, where I found myself particularly drawn to the disjuncture between the grand picture of the time and the uncertainties, im/possibilities and struggles in my interviewees', and ultimately, every living individual’s life—things that invite a more lengthy and detailed dwelling rather than a journalistic tourism. It is the constant battle between being “timely” and “untimely” that brings me to the field of anthropology, I guess.
Yifan Wang 王一凡
Graduate Student