Drew Winter


Areas of Interest: 
anthropology of food, anthropology of activism, anthropology of ethics, climate change, globalization, neoliberalism, feminism, posthumanism, Michel Foucault, Denmark and Scandinavia

My dissertation research asks how Danes conceptualize their concern for the environment and its relationship to their diet: animal agriculture is one of the leading contributors to climate change and, in polls, Danes frequently identify as environmentalists—yet they often top world charts in per capita meat consumption. I am interested in how food (specifically meat) consumption is tied to what Foucault calls the ethical self, and the ways in which food’s semiotic and ritual inscriptions can separate it from one’s political subjectivity.

Initially, my scholarly research concerned the tension between the animal rights/liberation movement in North America, and the political Left—which then became comparative with Denmark (where the two movements are far less antagonistic). This primarily entailed discourse analysis of critical Left-Wing literature, as well as surveying personal affiliations and organizational relationships.

Applying an anthropological lens to my hobby, I made a small foray into digital ethnography and ethnographic film by exploring kinship and social structures in the online zombie apocalypse survival game DayZ Mod.

I am currently in the graduate certificate program at the Center for Critical and Cultural Theory (3CT), and my work is supported by the Culture and Animals Foundation.

Drew Winter
Graduate Student