Charlie Lotterman

Areas of Interest: 
Interspecies encounters; social theory; posthumanism; sexuality; public feeling; embodiment; Central Europe

I am a PhD student in the department of anthropology at Rice University. Prior to joining the department, I earned my BA in Urban Studies from the San Francisco Art Institute and my MA in Anthropology from Columbia University. Thematically, my work concerns interspecies relations, which appeal to me as a scholarly challenge because their ontological opacity simultaneously collapses expected structures while expansively enabling speculative playfulness. Taking up calls for transdisciplinary collaboration with the potential to expand the possibilities of anthropology scholarship, my dissertation project partners with an active cluster of biologists in the Czech Republic who study the way that a particular parasite influences its human hosts, psychologically and morphologically. My aspiration is to position their discoveries, knowledge practices, and commitments to biotic matter within complementary literatures from the social sciences and the humanities. Methodologically, I hope to accomplish this goal by poaching experiments from social psychology, staging them under the auspices of the Czech laboratory, and gleaning results ethnographically. At Rice, I participate in the Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. Additionally, I am a student in the Andrew W Mellon Seminar during academic year 2015-2016. I am originally from New York and currently live in Houston with my wife and dog.
Charlie Lotterman
Graduate Student