Arthur Mason

Areas of Interest: 
Energy and environmental policy; Petro-industry information firms; Elite premium network spaces; Extractive and restructuring industries; Hydrocarbon aesthetics; Arctic (US, Canada, Norway, Russia)    


I hold academic appointments at Rice University as Research Scientist in the Department of Anthropology and at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology as Associate Professor in the Department of Social Anthropology. 

My US National Science Foundation sponsored research (2014-2018) addresses the exchange of petro-industry information in elite premium networking spaces and the broader context of energy knowledge provisioning for visualizing the future. My previous work examines social reproduction at critical junctures in Alaska Native history, including moments of identification and political recognition via forms of heritage work, citizenship, and academic expertise. My forthcoming research examines aesthetic perceptions in hydrocarbon imagery and interconnections between the Arctic’s changing environmental and cultural systems and other regions of the world. 

My book manuscript, titled Consulting Energy: From Political Hearings to Roundtable Events (under review) explores the reliance of Alaska state government on energy consultant expertise during a period federal government interest in Arctic natural gas development. I demonstrate the efficacy of consultant expertise in popularizing knowledge of energy futures through technical prediction and ritual-like learning environments. This work outlines a subtle but pervasive change in regulatory energy policy whereby a natural monopoly doctrine shifts to an expert-led community of interpretation based on continuous market knowledge provisioning. 

Research Grants: US National Science Foundation: Energy Futures of the High North: A New Approach to the Study of Experts, Institutions, and Forms of Knowledge that Guide Arctic Hydrocarbon Development, 2014-2018. 


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Book Chapters: 

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Minor Publications: 

Review of A. Simpson's Energy, Governance and Security in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma): A Critical Approach to Environmental Politics in the South. Political and Legal Anthropology Review, forthcoming, 2017.

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Arthur Mason

Adjunct Associate Professor and Research Scientist