Ian Lowrie

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest: 
Anthropology of science and technology; computing; artificial intelligence; materialism; semiotics; history and anthropology; anthropology of religion; Russia; United States.


My current research is on the data science community in Moscow. Sociologically speaking, my research focuses on the relationship between academic and industrial research in this area during a time of rapid change in both spheres. Since beginning this project, I have become increasingly interested in the how these changes are affecting education and training of new researchers and professionals in the data sciences. More theoretically speaking, I am interested in the relationship between computational processes and their material substrates. As data-driven techniques increasingly become part of the arsenal of modern consumer capitalism in Russia, I hope to learn more about the interactions between these two levels.

In addition to my dissertation research, I have an ongoing professional interest in the human engagement with space, particularly in terms of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, large-scale telescopy, and astrobiology. I am also an associate editor and contributor at the CASTAC blog. Beyond the anthropology of science, I also read heavily in the anthropology of religion, particularly of Christianity and the New Age, and work as the book review editor for the journal Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft. When I'm not in the field, I live in Houston with my exceptionally wonderful fiancée, who works as a women's services nurse and is my partner in all things, including wrangling our entirely-too-many cats.

More information, including my a full CV and a handful of publications, can be found at my website.

Ian Lowrie
Graduate Student