Jing Wang 王菁

Areas of Interest: 
Nationalism/cosmopolitanism/globalization, post-socialism, urban ethnic community; media, documentary production, visual anthropology; social movement, environment, energopolitics; China, Taiwan, Latin America.

I am a PhD student in the Anthropology Department at Rice University. My broad research interests are historical imagination, anthropology of state, urban development, social movement, ethnic community, documentary production, and modern Chinese art. More specifically, my dissertation project (July 2015 – July 2016) focuses on the Chinese state’s ongoing promotion of domestic multiculturalist policies through exploring the way it mobilizes cosmopolitan imaginaries of the “New Silk Road.” I will look at how these emerging imaginaries and forms of multicultural governance intersect with the new ways the Chinese government recognizes and locates as relevant its Muslim minorities in the city of Xi’an, which is strategically branded as the starting point of the New Silk Road. Besides, I have been actively participating in the new China Studies Center in the Candido Mendes University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am the co-curator of the propaganda poster exhibition entitled “Cultural Dreams and Political Imagination: Modern China in the Twentieth Century” (May 4 – 14, 2015) for the center’s inauguration. I also co-taught “Culture of the Chinese Cities” and “Ecology of Media in Contemporary China and “Ecological Risk in the Chinese Media” in the Chinese Contemporary History Course and Seminar coordinated by Carles Brasó, (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) and co-participated by Pablo Blitstein (University of Heidelberg) and Enrique Larreta (Candido Mendes University).

For documentary of the exhibition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBBY3hAHdYA
Directed by Vincent Moon and Priscilla Telmon
Jing Wang 王菁
Graduate Student