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Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa. You can locate it on a political map of Africa.

Information on Mali's geography, population, government, and economy. Also see location, geography, and climate.

Pictures of Mali.  

River of Sand: documentary of music, culture and people of Mali.

Learn about the Mali Empire.

A brief introduction to the Niger River and the Middle Niger Region, including the port towns, Jenné and Timbuktu, and the Dogon of the Bandiagara cliffs to the east of the Niger.

BBC country profile of Mali.  


Take a look at Jenné's sister city 500 km down the Niger: Timbuktu  

History of Timbuktu.  

UNESCO on Timbuktu  

BBC on Timbuktu  

Tuareg Nomads

Is it possible that there are people who prefer living in the Sahara and being constantly in search of water to settled life in a city or town? Amazingly, yes. They are nomads by choice.

Meet the Tuareg.

The Dogon

Dogon Blacksmiths.