Field School

Archaeological Field Schools in sub-Saharan Africa

Every other summer, the Department of Anthropology offers a 6-week archaeological field school in June and July in sub-Saharan Africa. Past field schools have been on the island of Gorée, located off the coast of Senegal, where research focused on the development of Gorée as a supply port for the Atlantic trade, and at Songo Mnara, a 15th-century Swahili urban center on the southern Tanzanian coast, where the field school has been held since 2009. Up to six hours of course credit are available for the field school, including ANTH 364 African Archaeology Field Techniques and ANTH 370, Archaeological Laboratory Techniques and Analysis. The field school is offered without specific prerequisites, but there is a general requirement that students have some prior coursework in archaeology or African history.

Information on current archaeological field schools can be found here:

Previous field schools were in Gorée Island, Senegal (2007), Songo Mnara, Tanzania (2009-16), and Basanga, Zambia (2018).