International Research Experience Seminar

Course Numbers:

ANTH 450: International Research Experience

Course Time:

Tuesdays: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Course Description:

In this research seminar, students explore key concepts and methodologies in anthropology in order to conduct their own research projects in a specific part of the world. Such topics as health, education, foreign policy, globalization, migration, regional economy, and cultural influences on development will be considered. The course will address the methods appropriate to conduct research on these topics ranging from conducting interviews to gathering statistical data. Students will work closely with the course instructors to develop and design an original research project. The course includes a faculty-led site visit to Bangkok, Thailand over Spring Break (March 12-20) so students may gain experience in conducting research first hand in an international setting. Students will also work with partner faculty at local universities in Thailand who will aide their research projects.

Research Topics:

  • Health: Thailand’s role in health care delivery and disease management and prevention in Southeast Asia including global health NGOs, medical tourism, health and happiness, and tropical medicine.
  • Drugs: HIV prevention drugs, Thai government’s role in generic drugs and the war on drugs, public attitudes toward drugs.
  • Regional Economy and Politics: Thailand’s role in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), Chinese “belt and road” projects in Thailand, special economic zones.
  • Bangkok as a Global City: Role of Bangkok in Thailand, Southeast Asia, and internationally. The identity of Bangkok as the capital of Thailand but removed from the rest of Thailand, transportation, ethnic neighborhoods, and gender politics, sex and queer politics in Bangkok.
  • Cultural Influences on Development: Sufficiency economics versus populist capitalism in Thailand, the role of religion in the Thai political economy.
  • Education: Higher education in Thailand and the role of universities in comparison to other parts of Asia and the United States.
  • Migration: Patterns of migration from Thailand, within Thailand, and throughout Southeast Asia, migrant labor and sex work, refugees in Thailand.


Professor Nia Georges, Anthropology
Tim Quinn, PhD. Candidate in Anthropology

Lab Fee:

Selected students will have all program expenses covered including flight, accommodations, excursions, and most meals. Students should plan for personal expenses and souvenirs.

Application Form:

Applications are now open through October 20, 2023. Please contact Nia Georges ( or Tim Quinn ( with any questions.

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