Requirements for the Anthropology Capstone

The Anthropology Capstone provides an opportunity for students, over the course of a semester, to conduct an independent research project on a topic that interests them, while working one-on-one with a faculty supervisor. The project culminates in a research paper and a presentation to the faculty and assembled students. All Anthropology majors who are not pursuing the Honors Program must complete the Capstone project and must enroll in 2 courses, ANTH 493 and ANTH 495, in their senior year, unless they are December graduates. They will also participate in monthly group research support meetings with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Spring semester of their final year. Detailed requirements for the Capstone can be found HERE.

The Anthropology Capstone includes the following classes:

  • ANTH 493 (Senior Research Preparation), a one-credit course in the Fall semester
  • ANTH 495 (Anthropology Capstone), a three-credit course in the Spring semester.

To take the Capstone Course, please consult a faculty member from the Department of Anthropology, ask if they would supervise your project and complete and turn in the Faculty Supervisor Registration Form. The signed form needs to be turned in to the Anthropology Office in 572 Sewall Hall. The deadline for turning in the form is 5:00 PM on the last day of the third week of classes.