Requirements for the Honors Thesis

The Department of Anthropology's Honors Program gives special recognition and special opportunities for a year-long research project and faculty mentorship to those students who have distinguished themselves in their coursework in the Department and throughout the University. We especially encourage those students who intend to pursue graduate work in anthropology or another academic discipline, or those whose intended careers will demand skills in extended research and writing to apply to the Honors Program. Every eligible students should, however, seriously consider applying. A detailed guideline to the requirements and process can be found HERE.

Requirements for admission to the program are:

  • a major in Anthropology
  • a cumulative G.P.A. at the end of the junior year of at least 3.0
  • a departmental G.P.A. of at least 3.5.

To be admitted to the Honors Program, you must have a faculty supervisor from the Department of Anthropology with whom you plan your project and assemble a faculty panel. You must complete and turn in the Honors Program Admission Form. The deadline for turning in the form is 5:00 pm, on the last business day of the 10th week of the spring semester of your Junior year.

Once admitted to the Program, each student must complete a thesis, on a topic of her or his choosing, under the direction of one of the members of the department's faculty. Topics should be approved by the faculty advisor by the end of the first month of the senior year. Theses are due at the end of the last semester of the senior year.

The Anthropology Honors Program includes the following classes to be taken in the Senior year:

  • Fall semester:
    • ANTH 493 (Senior Research Preparation, one credit)
    • ANTH 490 (Directed Honors Research, three credits)
  • Spring semester:
    • ANTH 491 (Directed Honors Research, three credits)