The Department of Anthropology, at Rice University's School of Social Sciences, offers degrees in undergraduate and graduate studies. Anthropology stands at the crossroads of the humanities and social sciences. It is the comparative science of human thought, experience, and behavior in all its social forms. Blending core commitments to deep empirical analysis, to field and archival research techniques, and to advancing social theory; anthropology is one of the most vibrant and diverse fields of research in the human sciences, today. It is also one of the most flexible and well-rounded undergraduate majors in the liberal arts, preparing students for careers in fields like journalism, community organizing, humanitarian aid, and historic preservation. In an increasingly global era, anthropological thinking has become part of the equipment of modern life.

Rice Anthropology Chair's Lecture

The Department of Anthropology at Rice University is pleased to invite submissions for its inaugural Chair's Lecture. The aim of the Chair's Lecture is to highlight scholarship that challenges and expands theoretical and/or methodological boundaries of anthropology, produced by emerging scholars from underrepresented minority groups.

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