Feral Atlas: The More-Than-Human Anthropocene Opens at Rice University Solar Studios

Poster for exhibit, featuring Empire illustration by Feifei Zhou

Feral Atlas: The More-Than-Human Anthropocene is opening April 1st at Rice University Solar Studios, presented by The Houston Climate Justice Museum. This exhibition will be a presentation of the online digital humanities project Feral Atlas, edited by Anna L. Tsing, Jennifer Deger, Alder Keleman Saxena, and Feifei Zhou. For more information about the exhibit, please follow the link below.

Rice Anthropology Graduate Students Mel Ford and Konstantin Georgiev wrote a review of the Feral Atlas for Engagement, a Blog published by the Anthropology and Environment Society, last year. You can read that review here.

Link: https://www.climatejusticemuseum.org/feral-atlas-at-rice-solar-studios