Graduate Student Melanie Ford Lemus Selected as Finalist for the 2022 Rappaport Prize Panel

Mel Ford

Melanie Ford Lemus, Rice Anthropology Graduate Student, has been selected as a semi-finalist for the 2022 Rappaport Prize Panel at the upcoming American Anthropological Association (AAA) meeting for her paper "Textured Definitions: A glossary for ravines in Guatemala City."

The Rappaport Prize and Panel is part of an effort to improve the mentoring process for graduate students as they pursue environmental anthropology related careers. Participating provides an opportunity for students to receive constructive feedback on their work by junior and senior scholars in the Anthropology and Environment (A&E) community. In addition to the feedback received during the panel presentations at the AAAs, all five semi-finalists will be assigned a mentor from within the wider A&E community of scholars; mentors will work with the graduate student authors to revise their papers to submit for publication.

You can find out more about the award at the link below.